Jessica Kincaid

Visual Art

Code Designs.

Order | Disorder
4" x 6" each
inkjet print, glass beads, thread.

"Jessica Kincaid • The Beaded Image" will be on view July 22-October 1, 2017 as part of the "Every Street Is Charlotte Street" exhibition series at The Kansas City Public Library, in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Recently graduated from the Web Development program at Johnson County Community College, I created a series of works inspired by learning to code.

yellow gouache drawing

#yellow {75%;}
17 x 21in
gouache and pen on bristol board.

To translate code to visual language, imagine a newspaper with three articles on the front page. Next, choose a color for the background, or the paper itself, and a color for the rectangular areas covered by each article. Selecting an article and declaring its position as “absolute,” for example, will often place it above the other articles.

view code in browser

I would change the code and test it to see the rectangles move in relation to one another, sometimes including mnemonic clues in the code that referenced the colors. I began drawing with the shapes, and to my delight, the compositions took on the styles of Mid-20th Century American Abstract painting.

designs from code

These designs inspired by code became drawings on paper. I placed code written in pen next to the shapes drawn in gouache; the drawings represent both analytical and the playful aspects of the mental process. This acknowledges the creativity inherent in computer science, and the logic of craft.

yellow beaded code

#yellow {75%;} 5.5 x 5.5in
glass beads, thread.

I learn best hands-on, and to this objective I began beading works in the same proportions as the patterns on the screen. I became a human emulator of the code, translating pixels into beads.